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Artist and Graphic Designer based out of Basel, Switzerland and Bangalore, India.

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Individuation Process


The Basel School of Design FHNW HGK

             “who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes”

Inspired by the works of Carl Jung, A swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. I created a poster with a pamphlet to share this immersive process with the use of mandalas. Among the central concepts of analytical psychology is individuation—the lifelong psychological process of differentiation of the self out of each individual's conscious and unconscious elements. Jung indicated that the end of the process could be indicated through a vision of mandalas and encouraged his patients to create mandalas during therapy. He suggusted that the end of this process can be signalled through a vision of Mandalas. Through his techniques, we can see these intricate drawings being used as a popular technique used in therapy. 

For the visuals, I created my own version of Mandalas using tools found in nature. Eg: Sticks, barks, leaves etc.

– project to be updated post production –

Pamphlet (A3)

Pamphlet (A3)

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Mandala Explorations


Weltformat Poster