The Centre for Office Convolution
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DECEMBER 21 2019    9:24 PM

Conjuring Construction Materials
Trepanning the Water Cooler
Concrete Grimoire

APRIL 1 2020    6:57 PM
Pressure Controlling the Equinox
Cartomancy and Ergonomics
Selecting Devotional Safety Supplies

JUNE 21–22 2020
Adaptive Reuse of the Serpent
Light Rail Layouts by Goetic Liturgy
Sorcerous Community Gardens


Prof. Cecco d’Ascoli
Concordance & Discordance

Dr. Bill Ockham
Transmutation & Formation

Prof. George Bruno
Computational Spirit Theory



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02. Closed Section
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03. Closed
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Katakam Sweets

Anomaly Brands Bangalore

             Packaging and Identity design for a tier 2 brand of Indian Sweets focusing mainly on rural areas. The brand specialises in authentic Mysore Paak and aimed to change the way the sweet was consumed. Our Identity design was to be displayed and sold in small ‘kirana stores’ (corner shops) that deal with everyday items, cigarettes, chocolates and other grab-able items.

I was responsible for the logo design, packaging and product photoshoots.

Single packs

In-store Jars

Sweet boxes