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DECEMBER 21 2019    9:24 PM

Conjuring Construction Materials
Trepanning the Water Cooler
Concrete Grimoire

APRIL 1 2020    6:57 PM
Pressure Controlling the Equinox
Cartomancy and Ergonomics
Selecting Devotional Safety Supplies

JUNE 21–22 2020
Adaptive Reuse of the Serpent
Light Rail Layouts by Goetic Liturgy
Sorcerous Community Gardens


Prof. Cecco d’Ascoli
Concordance & Discordance

Dr. Bill Ockham
Transmutation & Formation

Prof. George Bruno
Computational Spirit Theory



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Pale Blue Dot

Carl Sagan

The Basel School of Design

Learning to use alternative display technology with Ted Davis. I explored an Oscilloscope with the XYScope; a library for Processing to render graphics on a vector display (oscilloscope) by converting them to audio. The visual quality of the output seems of another time. I decided to give life to the works of Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot.  I guess I should have called this piece, "Pale Green Dot." hah!

I used the XYscope Examples to understand how to make the most of the Oscilloscope. Most of my explorations were using primitive shapes to create simple but fun code!

Visit for more processing experiments.

Tools used:
Analog Oscilloscope, Processing, Blackhole

Libraries used:
XYscope, minim, Geomerative, Video, OpenCV, ImageSequencePlayer, video-processing