Glitch 2020

        (glch) n.

         1. A minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem; a snag: a computer glitch; a navigational glitch; a glitch in the negotiations.

         2. A false or spurious electronic signal caused by a brief,
unwanted surge of electric power.

Understanding glitch as a visual language at the peak of a pandemic was quite ironic to me. In many ways, 2020 seemed like a glitch in the lives of people. 

This inspired me to create an identity for the year using Glitch as a way to capture a “global malfunction”. 

For this I explored FLIF;  a novel lossless image format. The process of glitching an image goes two ways. First, using the Hex editor to make manual changes to hex codes and secondly, using Hexploder tool that automates the process. 

Glitching a FLIF format reveals complex intriguing patterns that are quite unique compared to other formats. Some of these format’s that I also experimented with are HEIC, PNG, JPG, WEBP and GIF. 

Hexploder ,PHEW 
Ted Davis

High resolution images because they’re worth the details.

Glitch Gallery

A visual archive of glitchy experiments with various formats done while learning.

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