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DECEMBER 21 2019    9:24 PM

Conjuring Construction Materials
Trepanning the Water Cooler
Concrete Grimoire

APRIL 1 2020    6:57 PM
Pressure Controlling the Equinox
Cartomancy and Ergonomics
Selecting Devotional Safety Supplies

JUNE 21–22 2020
Adaptive Reuse of the Serpent
Light Rail Layouts by Goetic Liturgy
Sorcerous Community Gardens


Prof. Cecco d’Ascoli
Concordance & Discordance

Dr. Bill Ockham
Transmutation & Formation

Prof. George Bruno
Computational Spirit Theory



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unfolding culture through Gurmukhi

I’m interested to understand Gurmukhi as a script and the visual culture it belongs to. Gurmukhi is my mother tongue but I’m more close to English than I am to my ‘ma boli’, this is the underlying motivation for this project. Through my explorations, I ultimately aim to design a gurmukhi typeface.

Calligraphic tool
made from cork

Identifying and isolating prominent elements in letterforms which are definative to its character for further explorations
Using processing to create patterns out of the shapes. Interesting to note that the forms that appear seem similar to its sister scripts from the Laṇḍā Family like Multani and Sindhi. In some ways, our shared languages unite divded speakers.

Letterform explorations

- Typeface in Progress -